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Mar 27 2017

6 Healthy Meals to Make on a Budget

Throughout college, you find that eating healthy can come at a cost. So many people give you their opinion about how you should eat clean, organic, vegan and so on. For some, eating that way can come at a high cost that some in college can’t afford. What if I told you there was a …

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Mar 13 2017

Links To Health 3/13 – Spring Break Edition

1. Spring is here (hopefully) and that means it’s time to shake things up a little in terms of your workout! Now, this doesn’t mean they need to be drastic. In this list by, changing up your off days and overall schedules for what you do each day is good enough. Another tip for sticking …

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Dec 19 2016

Links to Health 12/19

1. We often say that body type doesn’t matter when it comes to the Rec. No matter your weight, goals or starting point is, you can expect us to treat everyone the same. We know that it lets everyone work on themselves in a positive environment and encourages results. And we so very glad to …

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Dec 12 2016

Links to Health 12/12

1. The holiday season is an indulgent and (very) busy time for many of us. Holiday meals, family visiting, and you might be away from our campus and the Rec to get in a good workout. It can put a damper on working towards your goals, but we found this list of several tips to …

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Dec 05 2016

Links To Health 12/5 – 2016 Retrospective

Normally, when we post our “Links To Health” articles, we share some interesting information from across the internet to inform on the latest trends, gadgets and nutrition info on the latest goings-on in fitness and wellness. This week, however, we take a look back at the last year of posts and discover which articles you …

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