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May 08 2017

Power Naps: The Lowdown on Lying Down

Some days just seem to go on forever, and the clock never seems to go fast enough. Sometimes, you just got to take a breather, whether after a long workout or just from lack of sleep, and take a power nap. Power naps are a great way to take a few minutes and give your …

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May 03 2017

Learning the Ropes – A How-To on Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are a natural and intense exercises tool, working your grip, shoulders, core, hips, knees, feet, and ankles. It uses dual dynamic force to keep your body engaged every second you hold the ropes, and it’s a great form of cardio. It’s also a stable workout with less risk of injury. It’s one of …

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May 02 2017

Beginner Yoga: What You Should Know!

Childs Pose

. Yoga has become a big fitness trend over the past few years. If you are on social media such as Instagram, you may have come across fitness accounts of individuals doing difficult handstands or holding a complicated twisted pose that look nearly impossible to accomplish. Although these poses are neat to look at, they …

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May 01 2017

5 Things You Should Do On Your Rest Day

Rest days allow your body to recover from an intense workout and prepare you for the next workout. However, many people make the mistake of taking ‘rest day’ literally, doing barely anything. A rest day should not be considered a reason to lay around all day; in fact, doing so will see your past workout’s …

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Apr 19 2017

Running Workout: Tips to Get You Started!


Tips to Start Running for the Beginner Running is a really great way to work out that does not require fancy or expensive equipment. Pretty much all you need is a good pair of running shoes and you are set. It is also nice option as your work out because it is convenient to your …

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