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How to take advantage of the fitness equipment the CSU Rec has on offer.

Apr 06 2017

Heed The Rec: The TiYR (Artificial Tire)

There’s nothing like making an old, tried-and-true workout more effective. The TiYR (we know, we had to get used to it as well) is a new spin on tire flipping that allows for a consistent workout every time. Why tires? Flipping tires gives your enTIRE body (see what we did there?) a workout. You will see …

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Jan 12 2017

What is Functional Fitness?

by Taylor Mummert What is Functional Fitness?  Many people see or hear that term and their minds go right to CrossFit and believe that they could never do a functional fitness workout. According to the Mayo Clinic, functional fitness is a workout that trains and prepares your muscles to work together to accomplish daily tasks.  …

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Nov 30 2016

Heed the Rec: The Bench

The bench. It’s the quintessential workout tool, aside from weights. Of course, we don’t mean to re-invent the wheel, but there are more ways to use the bench than to simply bench press the same way everyday. If you want to use the bench to spice up your routine, you’ve come to the right place. …

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Sep 15 2016

Heed the Rec: Being Courteous in the Gym

In honor of National Courtesy Month, it’s high time to talk about some major faux pas in the gym. These ten easy steps can make your experience at the gym better for you and everyone else involved. 1. Don’t hog the machines. If you’re done with a machine and you see someone that wants to …

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Jul 14 2016

Heed the Rec: Selectorized Weight Machines

Selectorized weight machines can be found at any standard gym these days, and the CSU Rec Center is no exception. Don’t be thrown by the word “selectorized” — its definition is quite self-explanatory, simply meaning that you can select how much weight you want to do on any exercise. You’ve definitely seen and used these things …

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