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Jun 23 2016

Drink and Swim Responsibly this Summer

The holidays are always full of family, fun, food, and drinking. In the summer, though, you throw swimming in the mix and things can get dicey. Did you know that worldwide swimming is the cause of 372,000 deaths per year? While many of them come from lack of swimming experience, alcohol and drinking are also top causes. …

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Jun 08 2016

All About the Donate Life 2016 Transplant Games

As a reminder to visitors of the Recreation Center, the pools will be closed to the public on June 11-12 due to the 2016 Donate Life Transplant Games. We wanted to shed some light on this event to increase its awareness and to share the positive impact the event will have on the community. The …

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Nov 03 2015

Building Strength for Swimming 101

Strength training is a great way to take your swimming to the next level. These workouts will help build strength that can then help you stay up in the water longer and swim farther. Do 2 to 4 sets of each exercise for the best results. When you first start out it would be best to …

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Oct 29 2015

Make Your Stroke Better When There’s Bad Weather

Winter is the ideal time for improving your stroke. The summer races are over, so you can lay off the gas and focus on your swimming technique. These drills will better your stroke and help build efficiency in the water, whether you swim like a floundering puppy or a majestic butterfly. Say goodbye (for now) to those long-haul swims, …

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Oct 13 2015

Break the Monotony of Your Swimming Workouts 

Everyone in swimming becomes stagnant at times when it comes to their workouts. You know some, but thinking of new swimming workouts becomes a pain after a while. Remember there are many different types of workouts that you can do in the water: interval workouts are great for speed and distance workouts are great for endurance. …

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