May 03 2017

Learning the Ropes – A How-To on Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are a natural and intense exercises tool, working your grip, shoulders, core, hips, knees, feet, and ankles. It uses dual dynamic force to keep your body engaged every second you hold the ropes, and it’s a great form of cardio. It’s also a stable workout with less risk of injury. It’s one of the oldest tools you can use in the gym, but it has a recent spark of novelty as many gyms have started incorporating these into the facilities.

We have battle ropes here at the Rec, too! They’re on the second floor in the Synergy space, next to the Functional Fitness space. For those of you who’ve taken a look at these and wondered how to use them, look no further! Battle ropes are easy to learn how to use, and will offer you a full-body workout with lots of customization and opportunities to create circuits. Let’s get started!

Proper Form

To utilize the battle ropes properly, tuck your elbows to your side once the ropes are in your hand. The closer you hold the ropes to the anchor point (where it’s tethered), the more intense the workout will be keep your knees bent, in a stance that separates your feet by at least a foot. Keep your core tight as you semi-squat with the ropes in hand, and now you’re ready to work!


There’s a bunch of ways you can use the ropes. Remember that you can alter the workout based on how far you stand from the anchor point!

Waves and Double Waves

This is the basic exercise for the ropes. Taking an end of the rope in each hand, you’re going to move the ropes as if you were making waves with them. That means quicker up and down motions. You can do this in tandem with both hands or alternate with one arm and one arm down at ayn time.


This is allows for modification and works the shoulders. Move each arm in independent circles in front of you. You can rotate each arm outward (left counterclockwise, right clockwise) or inward (left clockwise, right counterclockwise). You can also make circles with both arms together.

Snakes on Floor

For this exercise, position your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Then, hold the ropes by your sides and lower into a squat, pulling your arms wide and keeping them parallel to the floor. Without crossing hands, move your arms in toward one another and then back out, and the ropes will move like two snakes of the floor (get it?).

Slams – Single and Double Arm

Come on and slam! And welcome to… a really intense exercise. Just take the ropes, either single-arm (one at a time) or double-arm (both at the same time) and raise them above your head before slamming them down with all your might.

Grapple Throws

You’ll really get a hold on these ropes with this exercise! Keeping both your feet grounded, pivot your torso from side to side. During each pivot, flip the ropes over as if you were throwing them to the floor on the side you’re pivoting toward. Basically, you’re making a big half moon shape with the ropes as you lift them.

Wave Lunges and Shuffles

You’ll incorporate leg movement into these with these modifications. Both of these start by performing a simpler alternating wave with the ropes.

For a lunge,you’ll go from normal stance to dipping down to one knee, and then back up again before switching legs. Keep a good tempo going and you can make these supersets!

For a shuffle, quickly shuffle your feet to one side while keeping form. You should whip the ropes and shuffle at about the same tempo. When you’re ready to shuffle back, lower your body into a squat and shuffle in the opposite direction.


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