May 01 2017

5 Things You Should Do On Your Rest Day

Rest days allow your body to recover from an intense workout and prepare you for the next workout. However, many people make the mistake of taking ‘rest day’ literally, doing barely anything. A rest day should not be considered a reason to lay around all day; in fact, doing so will see your past workout’s results begin to diminish!

So, we compiled this list of simple things you can do on a rest day to keep you active and always moving! The couch is always waiting for you when you’re done.

1. Take it easy… but not too easy.

A rest day does not mean you should do nothing. Doing nothing is not only counter-productive, but it will most likely leave you sorer the next day after you’ve worked out. The body was not meant to be at complete rest; even if you don’t schedule your rest day activities (see next tip!), you should at least walk or jog or perform some stretches and light exercise. Just take it easy, not take it to the couch.

2. Schedule rest days like any other day. 

Remember, this is a rest day, not an off day. Like any day at the gym, plan your rest day accordingly. Need to rest your legs? Stretches and stationary movements would be better. Resting on a Tuesday, after International Chest Day (we know, we’re fitness nerds)? Do some light jogging in the morning. Also, don’t plan a cheat day on a rest day unless you know what you’re doing, because you might end up making yourself groggy and not wanting to do anything that day.

3. Run, run, run! 

Rest days are oftentimes that time of the week when hardcore fitness enthusiasts run or walk to mix up their workouts and develop lower body strength and stamina while allowing the upper body to recover.

4. Remember your diet is still important. 

Diet is 70% of your weight loss equation (if that’s what you’re going for) as opposed to the remaining 20% in your time at the gym and an extra 10% we like to place on stress levels and overall well-being. Your diet is important, and even moreso when you’re not sweatin’ it like you normally would be. Overeating or having a binge on a rest/off day can damper any progress made the day before… or even the week before.

5. Stretch your rest days with YOGA! 

Hear us out. If you’re skeptical about it, think about what strength training and yoga do for you.

Strength training makes you stronger, but tightens your muscles and causes you to be sore after overdoing it. Yoga, on the other hand, lengthens your muscles and tendons, aids in their recovery, and helps your body develop better mobility and flexibility. It’s a match made in heaven.


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