Apr 27 2017

Places to Run in Cleveland: Bacci Park


The Louis J. Bacci Recreational Park in Cuyahoga Heights is simultaneously its own park and connected to the Ohio and Erie Canal, which we covered earlier this year. The park itself houses a baseball field, a playground and some nice hiking trails. It’s a favorite destination for the locals and we’re spotlighting it for your benefit. Check out this park— only about 10 miles from campus— and experience the unique attractions or just someplace new to run.

Starting Off

The park begins on Warner Road in Cuyahoga Heights, bordering on the city of Valley View. There is a parking lot right at the front of the park, so that’s a good place to start. Another place to start would be in one of several parking lots across from the park.

The Path

20160822_201611The park’s area takes up about 6 miles, but most of this is wilderness and open fields of grass. There are several hiking/walking trails that circle the soccer field in the park, as well as around the baseball fields. Taking your run across the street to the Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation takes you across the two white bridges that now define the area’s geographical area from above. So, your journey can be as short or as long as you please. However, a good stopping or resting point would be the peaceful open canopy by the man-made pond near the park’s entrance. The playground would be another choice for a rest stop.


The park is safe, as they have their own security, but always be mindful of the trails and bushes along the road. It is noticeably safer in the park rather than across the street. There aren’t a lot of lights around the park aside from the road and the fields, so we wouldn’t recommend evening runs.

Other Things in the Area

Since this park is connected to the MetroParks, there is much more to explore just beyond the confides of Bacci Park. Bordering on Valley View, there’s plenty of places to go to eat, drink and be happy. In particular, there’s the Canal Towpath Bar and Grill for a quick meal afterwards. The Big Boy down the street is another good place for fresh all-day breakfast or a nice salad. Of course, there’s also the movie theatre and other attractions in the Valley View area.


The hours of the park are listed near the entrance.


Bacci Park is a great destination for runners and bikers alike.

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