Apr 17 2017

Healthy Food Preparation Hacks!

Prep is the first and often most time-consuming yet important step to making healthier meals at home. However, we all know that we always seem to running on less and less time. So, here are some ‘life hacks’ we found that all revolve around preparing healthy food easier. These methods might help with your meal prep or other diet needs, so enjoy! And comment if you’d like with any other tips you found!

1. Reuse pickle brine to make your own pickles.

Par-boil or simply drop in sliced cucumber, garlic, yellow squash or radishes into brine from your grocery store pickle jar (with the original pickles removed of course) and in a few days you’ll have quick ready-to-eat pickles! Pickling couldn’t be any easier. Note that par-boiling will speed up the process.

2. Get more out of your ginger root. 

Use a grapefruit spoon to scrape off the skin of ginger root without scraping off too much. A traditional peeler can’t accommodate for the rigid bumps and nubs of the average ginger root. This handy utensil you find at most specialty kitchen retailers (like Bed, Bath and Beyond) also works with other fruits and veggies that have odd imperfections and ridges.

3. Bake the perfect hard-boiled egg!

Well, we suppose they aren’t hard-boiled anymore, but this method is foolproof. This is great for preparing a bunch of eggs ahead of time, and removes a lot of the hassle.

Bake for a half hour at 325 degrees in your oven and them ‘shock’ them in ice water before peeling the shell. You’ll be surprised to get a perfectly cooked yolk every time. And it won’t stick to the knife!

Check out the video below!


4. No PAM or Cooking Spray in the pantry? No problem!

Try mixing 1 part cooking oil (try canola or grape seed) and 5 parts water for a cooking spray at its most basic level. Place in an empty sanitized spray bottle and go to town!

5. #MakeCeleryCrispAgain

If your celery is looking and feeling a little rubbery, cut off the ends by about an inch and keep stalks in a cup or jar of ice water. You can store it safely in the fridge and keep it fresh for several more days than normal with this simple method.

This also works for broccoli, cauliflower and spinach. And speaking of spinach…

6. Dry your spinach with a sushi mat! 

Want to steam or boil spinach and dry it without damaging it? Try rolling it in a sushi mat! It’s easy and fun and makes use out a normally-item-specific food prep tool.

7. Measure honey & peanut butter the right way.

Sticky ingredients are hard to measure, but not after spraying your measuring cups and spoons with a little cooking spray! (See #4 above for the easy way to make cooking spray!) Your ingredients will slide off with ease to make clean up less of a chore. It’s better than eyeballing it, too.

8. Thaw meat faster so it’s fresher. 

Take frozen meat (still in the package!) and place in a mixing bowl while running room-temperature water over it. You can bring it to warm after a few minutes, then let it sit for a couple minutes and you have thawed meat.

Want a bonus tip? When you purchase packages of meat, portion them out and place them in bags for the perfectly portioned burger when you want it! This is great if you live alone or prefer to only thaw the amount of meat you need. You can stretch a pound of meat and save yourself some money while you’re at it!


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