Apr 06 2017

Heed The Rec: The TiYR (Artificial Tire)

There’s nothing like making an old, tried-and-true workout more effective. The TiYR (we know, we had to get used to it as well) is a new spin on tire flipping that allows for a consistent workout every time.

Why tires? Flipping tires gives your enTIRE body (see what we did there?) a workout. You will see that there is more that you can do with it than just flip it, though.

We have TiYRs within the Functional Fitness space on the second floor, so read on and then incorporate these into your workout!

What is it?

TiYRs are artificial tires created by Escape Fitness They’re a solution to finding dirty and, at times, ineffective scrap yard tires that fitness enthusiasts have used to flip and lift. Tires have been used because of their size and functional shape, but the TiYR makes it easier by having a pre-determined and evenly distributed weight throughout. Real tires can vary incredibly depending on their size, so this brings consistency to this popular exercise.

The TiYR comes in four sizes: 90 lbs, 130 lbs, 175 lbs and 220 lbs, color-coded and fit for any fitness level.


Tire Flips

Ah, the traditional tire flip! Begin by gripping the bottom of the TiYR and position your feet back a bit. Your chest should be driving into it. To lift, extend through the hips, knees, and ankles, driving into it up and over. As the tire reaches a 45 degree angle, step forward and drive a knee in to fully flip it. Keep your back from arching too far, as your hips will take the brunt of the weight. Follow through and wait for the TiYR to rest and lay flat before dipping down to complete the next flip. An average tire flip path is about 20-25 yards.

Here’s a link to a video on how to do a proper tire flip (from Bodybuilding.com)!

Tire Walks

You’ll find that this one is a popular exercise for the TiYR, especially considering that the different sizes allow for people of any size to do this without strain.

Walk into the center of the tire, squat down and grab the handy handles on top of the TiYR. Then stand up, lifting the tire and walk the length of our Function Fitness space’s turf or about 20-30 yards at a time. Once at the end, sit the tire, guiding it down as you squat with the TiYR. Then, you can just turn around and go again!

Decline Push-Ups

You can use a TiYR to give basic exercises a new spin, too! Decline push–ups are as easy as setting down the TiYR on the ground, propping your feet at the edge and moving into a plank position. Then, perform 20-30 push-ups and perhaps make a circuit out of it by doing flips or walks in-between the sets of push-ups.

Broad Jumps Over TiYR

You CAN jump into the center of the tire or to the edge, but this gives you a bit more of a challenge. Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Drop into a squat as you swing your arms back.

Use the momentum of your hips as you jump forward and land as far forward as possible (hopefully past the tire). You should land in a controlled squat position with both feet.

Back and Forth Tire Flips

Now here’s something for the intermediate or advanced tire enthusiast. This is a three-step process (two jumps and a flip).

First, you jump into the hole of the tire, then you will jump forward out of the tire landing the other side from where you started. After that, you’ll flip that fire back in the direction you started, then rinse and repeat. This is great for those who are working with less space, and helps you get into a pattern. 8-10 sets of these and your arms and legs will feel the burn!


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About the TiYR – Escape Fitness


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