Mar 29 2017

Every Day is Leg Day: Kettlebell Squats

Some people like to focus on their chest. Some people like to work on their arms. But some people don’t work on their legs nearly enough. But whether you love it or disdain it, they are necessary to from a functionality standpoint. Exercises that target the legs are key to keeping strong, being fit and looking good. There’s so many you can do, from squats to kettle bell lefts as well as hamstring stretches  So, our personal trainer Jeromy Bryk will show you how to a different leg-oriented exercise every Wednesday this month. But for us… Every Day is Leg Day! 

It’s our final Every Day is Leg Day video, and now we’re in the Viking Fit studio! Jeromy demonstrates a seated-style squat without a squat rack using kettle bells. If you take our Viking Fit class, you might see this move broken out from time to time. With or without a box, this exploder exercise will add some variation to your regimen. Enjoy!

All the “Every Day is Leg Day” videos will be available here! 

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