Mar 13 2017

Links To Health 3/13 – Spring Break Edition

1. Spring is here (hopefully) and that means it’s time to shake things up a little in terms of your workout! Now, this doesn’t mean they need to be drastic. In this list by Active.com, changing up your off days and overall schedules for what you do each day is good enough. Another tip for sticking to your spring workout plan is to keep it simple, as we all lead busy lives! Using what is available is more than enough to make your workout awesome. Trust us; we got a lot to work with here at the Rec!

Here’s a link to one of our older articles on giving your workout regimen the spice needed to keep you excited and energized!

2. Eating the same thing everyday isn’t quite that ‘blah’ after all. Women’s Health Magazine wrote this retrospective analysis on eating oatmeal everyday for a month to reduce cravings and resist the urge to eat larger meals. Oatmeal, being oats after all, is one of the most essential and easiest ways to get more fiber in your diet, which helps you stay full longer. Eating this every morning make you a ‘creature of habit’ as well, like it states in the article, which is just fine if you’re complementing this with a unique and effective workout regimen.

3. Men and women’s health are both important, but this article really spoke to us. There are many things that men tend to do more than women that put them at risk for harmful diseases, cancer or even an earlier death. This includes, but is not limited to, seeing the doctor less often and having a higher susceptibility for stress-related illness. You find out more in this list by Men’s Health online. 

Speaking of stress-related illness, here is our look at easy stress relieving methods! It’s an oldie-but-goodie! 

4. We’ve heard of some pretty outrageous diets over the years, but this kinda takes the cake. Coined “The Teaspoon Diet”, one women has chosen to eat all her food with teaspoon tricking her body into believing she’s eating more than she actually is. She has cut her calorie intake from over 3,500 to less than 1,000, but her current condition leaves doctors concerned. This is good example of taking dieting too far. As one doctor states in this article, eating food is supposed to be pleasurable and a good experience, not measured out  this mechanically.

5. From a bad diet to a good diet, the Mediterranean diet has been hailed as a good regimen for healthy living. This report by the Rockland Times offers so quick and easily accessible tips to making the Mediterranean diet work for you.

We covered the Mediterranean diet in our Diet Debunking series! Check it out here! 


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