Dec 19 2016

Links to Health 12/19

1. We often say that body type doesn’t matter when it comes to the Rec. No matter your weight, goals or starting point is, you can expect us to treat everyone the same. We know that it lets everyone work on themselves in a positive environment and encourages results. And we so very glad to see fitness experts agreeing. Trainer Junaid Kaliwala discusses in this article why having a six-pack doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy. Focus on yourself and your own wellness, and you’ll go farther than just looking the part. You’ll feel it, too.

2. Finals are over, which means the holidays closing in! Woo! For many, it means meeting with family and friends, and going places in order to see them. It also means it’s the absolute worst time to get sick. However, the people over at Men’s Journal found six ways to improve your immunity over the course of the next couple weeks. This includes checking your stress levels, eating foods and broths that prevent ‘leaky gut syndrome’ and maybe take some powerful vitamins to give you a boost. Follow these with caution to your own restrictions and enjoy the holidays!

3. Remember how we just said that the holidays are meant for going places? Well, a lot of people are traveling to visit relatives and friends as well! Travel can hinder diets, but following some of these tips from real nutritionists can help. One that caught our eye is only eating out once a day. This is a good piece of advice. Eating out all the time won’t help you, even if you think you’re eating ‘healthier’ food. But don’t forget, indulging every once in a while is important, too. Don’t let it consume you, and let the good times roll!

4. Eczema affects a lot of people, and over the long and cold winter months, it can flare up at the worst of times. But did you know that one everyday product can help with that? A little petroleum jelly on the skin can do more than just keep it soft and smooth. You can find out more here. 

5. As we said, you can always be comfortable being fit no matter what your shape or size. Tall, skinny people, for one, may have pretty easy if they want to get buff. All it requires are a few changes and a different approaches. You can read about this more here. GQ Magazine also stresses that exercises that help your joints will benefit you in the long run.


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