Dec 12 2016

Links to Health 12/12

1. The holiday season is an indulgent and (very) busy time for many of us. Holiday meals, family visiting, and you might be away from our campus and the Rec to get in a good workout. It can put a damper on working towards your goals, but we found this list of several tips to stay in shape during this chaotic time of year. It could be as simple as committing to walking a mile a day, or discovering the gyms around you if you’re visiting family out-of-state or back home. The challenges of finding the time to working out could help you find the motivation to work harder with your time as well.

Smart Jump Ropes might be the perfect gift for your healthy holidays.

2. Having a little trouble on what to buy your special someone for the holidays? Maybe instead of a game or jewelry or a new toaster (though everyone does need a good one), perhaps try something fitness-related as a gift. From fitness trackers to smart jump ropes (who would’ve thought?…), check out this article by the Washington Blade on the positives to buying gifts that benefit the person you want to give to. That includes the chance that your special someone may make time for working out and feeling well!

We also covered some choice gifts in last month’s Links To Health! Just it a look!

3. Pokemon GO. It took the mobile gaming world by storm. Speaking of walking a mile a day, this past summer was a time where walking around aimlessly downtown was seen as a positive! People apparently added a lot of steps into their daily lives during the first month of the app’s release. How many steps? Try 144 billion. That’s… quite a bit. You can find out more here.

4. Music therapy is nothing new in our industry, however a lot of people are still skeptical about it. This article piqued our interest due to proof that not only is music therapy effective, but also playing music. Playing music can help with patients struggling from conditions ranging from arthritis to lung problems. The health and wellness industry sounds a little more musical now, doesn’t it?

5. This year has had its share of fads and viral diet and workout plans. In the grand scheme of things, it’s made little difference in the traditional ways of working out, but some trends have been not so positive for the benefit of those who exercise. These trends, from wearable fitness tech to unnecessary gluten-free eating, are not so good for people in 2016.

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