Dec 05 2016

Links To Health 12/5 – 2016 Retrospective


Normally, when we post our “Links To Health” articles, we share some interesting information from across the internet to inform on the latest trends, gadgets and nutrition info on the latest goings-on in fitness and wellness. This week, however, we take a look back at the last year of posts and discover which articles you all viewed the most! It’s a great way of seeing what kind of content you guys like from us!

Despite what anyone has to say about "Netflix and Chill", this guy gets it.

Despite what anyone has to say about “Netflix and Chill”, this guy gets it.

1. In March, our “Want to Get in Shape for Netflix n’ Chill” article got a lot of traction, as we highlighted the best ways to get fit for the summer. They’re valuable tips no matter what time of year, such as the importance of scheduling your workouts, so give it a look!

2. Starting this past summer, “Diet Debunking” became one of our new series of blogs wherein we picked a popular diet and evaluated it for you all to determine if it was right for you. Since its release, it has recieved positive feedback, and our look at the Mediterranean diet was the most popular. Hey, any diet that encourages ripe olives, wine and grass-fed meats are perfect for us!

Another popular “Diet Debunking” was our look on the Paleo diet! Check that one out as well!

img_07773. We post a lot of recipes. Or at least, we try to post the ones we feel best reflect our ideal of Healthy Recipes. Our own home-made Watermelon Salad was our most popular recipe this year, and by a huge margin! But, then again, why wouldn’t it be? It has the taste of summer in every bowl, with fresh mint, watermelon, and red onion.

4.  Whenever we get new equipment at the Rec or feel the need to let you all know about a certain machine that could benefit you in the long run, we post our “Heed the Rec” articles. Our most popular of these articles was our alternatives exercises picks for free weights. Give it a look and discover new ways to use dumbbells!

potato-chips-15. Finally, by far our most popular article this year… was one of our “Eat This, Not That” pieces! We brought back the series over the summer to talk about foods we love that could use more alternatives and healthy solutions. Our comparison of the alternative chips available on the market was our most viewed piece on the site this year! Who doesn’t love chips? This article has a lot to chew on (puns!) so check it out!


As a personal note, we would like to thank everyone for reading our blog. We’ve had a changing of the guard over the summer, and while at the helm we’ve written some awesome stuff and are always looking for more topics to discuss and share with you. Here’s to another year of that, and good luck to all of you on your finals and final projects as we wind down for the end of the fall semester and the year. -R

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