Jun 23 2016

Drink and Swim Responsibly this Summer

Drinking-beer-underwater-mainThe holidays are always full of family, fun, food, and drinking. In the summer, though, you throw swimming in the mix and things can get dicey. Did you know that worldwide swimming is the cause of 372,000 deaths per year? While many of them come from lack of swimming experience, alcohol and drinking are also top causes.

So what exactly does alcohol do to your body that makes it dangerous to swim?

  • Gives you false sense of security
  • Impairs judgement and reaction time
  • Disorientates, confusions, and reduces coordination
  • Increases risk taking behavior
  • Changes your sense of distance and direction, which makes you vulnerable to changing
  • Lowers your body temperature and can lead to hypothermia
  • Airway may close unexpectedly
  • Reduces the effectiveness of CPR

But while you should absolutely be cautious, it is still okay to have a drink and swim. The recommendation is to wait 1 hour after finishing your last drink before getting into the water, but we all know that most of us don’t have the patience for that. As long as you use common sense and act responsibly you will be fine. That means don’t get belligerently drunk and bellyflop into the deep end.

And make sure to keep an eye out for your friends and family to make sure they don’t get in the water when they’ve drunk themselves past good sense. Keep this guy out of the water: 24E02ED300000578-2918489-Drunken_madness_A_new_video_set_in_Queensland_has_a_very_powerfu-a-39_1421770651973

Holidays are about fun and family, so don’t let a little alcohol ruin the fun. Play it smart, and play it safe.

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