Jun 08 2016

All About the Donate Life 2016 Transplant Games


As a reminder to visitors of the Recreation Center, the pools will be closed to the public on June 11-12 due to the 2016 Donate Life Transplant Games. We wanted to shed some light on this event to increase its awareness and to share the positive impact the event will have on the community.

The Donate Life 2016 Transplant Games will take place from June 10 through 15. The event will include opening and closing ceremonies celebrating the donors who have given a priceless gift to those less fortunate. The Games will then consist of competitions that range from cycling and tennis to bowling and Texas Hold-em Poker. The swimming portion will take place at the Rec, with events such as the 500 meter freestyle and relay swim races available for both adults and youth.

According to the mission statement released by Transplant Games of America, the Games are intended to increase public knowledge on the importance of transplants and to promote the registration of donor candidates. Anyone who has undergone a bone, tissue, organ, or corneal transplant surgery is eligible to participate in the games.

The Transplant Games will not only take place at the Recreation Center, but also at various locations across downtown Cleveland, including Case Western Reserve’s campus for their track and field events.

The Games will also host a 5K/10K race that is open to the general public. The race is set for Saturday, June 11 and starts at 8:30 am. The entry fee for participants ages 13 and up is $30. For more information on the race and how to be a part, you can visit the Transplant Games’ competition page.

LIF-TGA and DL logo FINAL 2013Registration has ended for the other events, but anyone is welcome to watch the games and cheer on the athletes. For more information of the schedule of events, you can visit the event’s website.

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