Oct 13 2015

Break the Monotony of Your Swimming Workouts 

swimming workoutsEveryone in swimming becomes stagnant at times when it comes to their workouts. You know some, but thinking of new swimming workouts becomes a pain after a while. Remember there are many different types of workouts that you can do in the water: interval workouts are great for speed and distance workouts are great for endurance. When you put them together you will help yourself get faster and stronger in the water. For those times that you just don’t want to think of a workout after a long day of work, check out these ideas on Active.com. These workouts can help get you started creating new and more exciting swimming workouts.

At times it’s not the workouts that are boring, but going to the pool by yourself to swim. If this is the case for you, find a friend to swim with or join a swim team. Masters Swimming is a great program that has numerous teams all over Northeast Ohio. Conveniently, here at Cleveland State we have our own Masters Swim team! Come in for only a $10 drop-in fee and take advantage of the awesome swim workouts our coaches give to help you reach whatever goals you have in the water. For more information, check out the Masters Swim page of csurec.com.


Contributed by Courtney Maddock.

Courtney Maddock is the Graduate Supervisor of Aquatics & Safety for Cleveland State University’s Campus Recreation Services department. She has several years of experience and practice under belt as a swimmer, swim instructor, leader and coach.

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