Apr 06 2015

Beat Defeat When You Overeat

Beat Defeat When You Overeat

By Matt Schmiedl


CAUTION! Overeating leads to food babies.

CAUTION! Overeating leads to food babies.

As I not so bashfully stated on Facebook, Easter is apparently like every other holiday…#atetoomuch. When it comes to the deliciously diverse and abundant dishes that accompany holidays – at least in my family – I’m like a bird over-stimulated by too many shiny things… I overeat. And I can’t eat just a few things, I have to try EVERYTHING. A recipe for disaster, indeed. (Catch the pun!?)


We have an unwritten rule in my family that states: ‘when you cook for a gathering, you must prepare enough food for at least double the amount of people you are expecting.’ And the familiar and uncomfortable feeling of a gut-busting food coma has almost grown to be part of our holiday traditions, even when I try NOT to overindulge. I suspect we’re not alone in this, and I’m fairly confident that the gluttonous holiday gorging will remain a permanent part of our holiday festivities. But that doesn’t mean our diets are dead.


First things first – if you overindulge, acknowledge it as part of your holiday celebration and then let it go. If you can plan ahead and/or hang on to any sliver of will power to keep binging to a minimum that’s awesome! But if you’re like me, I will almost always give in to the-holidays-only-happen-once-a-year temptations and eat whatever I want…and I enjoy it!!! But the next day, I let it go and refocus on my diet and healthy eating – no shame, no pain. What’s a little indulgence now and then? It’s simply a part of celebrating the holidays with your family and friends. And many studies have shown that those who follow overly strict diet plans often collapse into bigger calorie-bomb binges and have a harder time making permanent healthy lifestyle changes.


Too much food? I think so, but a spread like this is not uncommon for holidays and special occasions – at least in my family!


Secondly, tomorrow is a new day! Didn’t workout the day of or the day before a holiday food fest? Don’t fret – everyone misses a day or two in the exercise regimen at one time or another. The key is to just get back to it the next day so you don’t fall into an inactive spell. You know what I mean – the longer you go without exercising, the harder it is to get yourself back into it. So don’t give yourself the opportunity to settle into sedentary. And it’s easier than ever to squeeze in a quick workout in as little as 15-20 minutes! Suffering from the aforementioned concrete brick in your stomach we all know as a “food baby?” Doing a little light (emphasis on light) exercise can actually aid digestion and offer relief to that overly full feeling. Try going for a short walk after your big holiday meal, or even just help do the dishes and clean up – anything more active than just sitting around feeling full. Your body will thank you.


Lastly, stick to your goals. One day or one meal (or even one bad week) won’t make or break your weight loss or diet goals – not unless you let it. You just have to remember your goals, refocus and get back to it. It’s very much a mindset and you have the power to control your outcomes. You can do it!


As for me? Today I’m getting back on track with a heavy-weight strength session and some cycling. Why don’t you join me? 🙂


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